Lanzarote is the highest eastern of the Canary isles, through a exclusive identity of it´s own

The eruptive land of Lanzarote upon a lot more than hundred volcanos have already been active to this day in 18th and 19th century. Large regions of its surface are covered with ashes and lava, producing you believe that you used to be on the lunar month; the coloration of its mountain ranges; its special light source, its tiny characteristic pueblitos; the deeply azure seas and the all-around charming that surroundings every one of its unknown 4 corners, will generally remain etching in your remembering.

Apartaments and villas in lanzarote

If you are looking to find a holiday that is composed of more laying on the coast all daytime then Lanzarote on of the seven Canary Island would be the best destination for you.

Lanzarote is regarded a very top vacation destination for a sea sporting holiday. The ocean temperature hardly goes beneath 19ºC – 66ºF. This eruptive land in the Atlantic ocean is a most appropriate play ground for Surf, Windsurf, Kite surf, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Swimming and Sailing

If you are trying to find a holiday is composed exclusively laying on the beach as long as » you  fell at home in one of our villas, bungalows or apartments with sea landscapes»   and like different satisfactions as meals and delicious Lanzarote´s bottles of wine  you´ll notice right here from the yummy veggies grown in the immaculate farmland of black color volcanic tiny rocks, to the broad diverseness of both sea food and shell fish captured  in the oceans off the land, the top quality of Lanzarote’s cuisine comes as a astonishment to numerous travelers.

Lanzarote grants as well  an  phenomenal Center of Art, Culture and Tourism all-around the island mix together landscape and architecture in a special way, with volcanic lava channels greatly improved in to functionality areas, or lookout points constructed into 600 meter high cliffs with shocking vistas over the amazing Chinijo archipelago. More information….

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